Roots Tours

Cultural Root Tours is a unique tour package by The Taste Of Afrika™¬†that connects people to their cultural heritage. The tour takes tourists through historic routes while elaborating on the culture and history of these landmarks and artefacts. It serves as a window for tourists to connect with their history and cultural heritage. The tour’s design caters for locals on the continent and other people of African descent in the diaspora to participate. These tours can be tied to special cultural events such as festivals and other cultural festivities.

We also offer as part of the Cultural Roots tours the following unique packages:

  • Family/Tribal and Ancestral Roots Tour
  • Language Roots Tour
  • Name Roots Tour
  • Foods Roots Tour
  • Musical Roots Tour
  • Dance Roots Tour
  • Traditional Roots Tour
  • Cultural Roots Tour
  • Spiritual Connect Tour
  • Traditional Festivals Experience Tour
  • Nature Experience Tour
  • Inner and Outer City Fun Tour
  • All across Afrika and the world